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JSC "TZS" in Vnukovo
JSC "Fuel and Refueling Service" carries out the functions of aviation fuel supply of aircraft at the airport "Vnukovo".
The main task of JSC "Fuel and Refueling Service" is to provide aircrafts with conditioned aviation fuel, as well as appropriate special fluids. The company maintains high quality standards, both in the field of refueling and storage of fuel, as well as in the areas of labor protection and environmental safety.

To ensure a high-quality and uninterrupted process of aviation fuel supply, JSC "Fuel and Refueling Service" has a modern technical base and a staff of highly qualified employees.
Production capacities of the refueling complex of JSC "TZS"
Fuel and lubricants warehouses
Several warehouses for fuels and lubricants, where there are numerous tank farms with a total volume of more than 21,000 m3, pumping and filtration stations and complexes, a fuels and lubricants laboratory and other production facilities.
Fleet of special vehicles
A fleet of special vehicles, consisting of refuelers (including modern refuelers from KUNZ (Germany), ZAO NPO Aviatekhnologiya (Russia)), oil refuelers and other specialized equipment.
One of the features of CJSC "TZS" is the construction of a modern centralized aircraft refueling system (CZS), which meets all world requirements, and the reconstruction of the fuel and lubricants warehouse, which is entering the finishing line.
The concept of this project was developed by Mess-und Fördertechnik Gwinner GmbH & Co, one of the world leaders in the design of production of technical means and equipment for aviation fuel supply.

Aircraft are refueled with TS-1 and RT aviation kerosene. The enterprise uses a multi-stage fuel cleaning system. Also not unimportant in the matter of ensuring high standards of fuel purity is the availability of its own laboratory complex equipped with the latest technology.
Aviation fuel is supplied to the fuel and lubricants depots in two ways: by pipeline and rail, which allows diversifying fuel supplies and guaranteeing the stable operation of the enterprise.

Also, CJSC "TZS" has a tank park of auto fuels and lubricants, and carries out refueling of ground special equipment of the services of the airport "Vnukovo".

Employees of CJSC "TZS" are constantly improving their qualifications at specialized courses at MSTU GA, SPBGU GA, EATK, as well as at additional training courses IATA (International Air Transport Association).
Fuel filling complex Vnukovo is one of the first aviation fuel supply enterprises in Russia.
commissioning of a warehouse for fuels and lubricants-1 for receiving, storing and dispensing aviation gasoline and refueling aircraft with piston engines.
The begining of 60s
The begining of 60s
with the advent of civil jet aircraft (Tu-104 aircraft), the construction of a fuel and lubricants-2 warehouse began; in 1939, a railway overpass for 10 railway centers and a tank farm with a capacity of 9600 m3 / m3 were put into operation.
The middle of 70s
The middle of 70s
a warehouse pipeline was laid between the warehouses of fuels and lubricants-1 and fuels and lubricants-2, a railway overpass for 5 railway centers was built at the fuels and lubricants-1 warehouse, a tank group was deployed for storing aviation kerosene with a total capacity of 3600 m / cu.
By the beginning of the Olympic Games in 1980, a pre-loading point was built at the airfield; a warehouse pipeline was laid between the loading point and the fuel and lubricants-1 warehouse.
Until 1995, the refueling complex was part of the fuel and lubricants service of the Vnukovo production association.
Modern time
Modern time
At present, the total capacity of tank farms is 37,000 cubic meters, the refueling complex has a wide network of pipeline communications, pumping and filtration stations, the fleet of mobile refueling facilities includes more than 30 aerodrome refuelers manufactured by KUNZ (Germany) and NPO Aviatekhnologiya (Russia).
Today, a course has been taken to optimize and digitalize production processes, the fuel and lubricants warehouse is being reconstructed, and the permanent process of updating the tank farms and the fleet of mobile refueling vehicles continues.
Priority areas of activity of JSC "TZS":
· Aviation fuel supply for air transportation on the apron of the Moscow (Vnukovo) aerodrome;

· Refueling of aircraft and aircraft of the special flight unit of the FGBU "SLO" RUSSIA "

· Quality control of aviation fuels, oils, lubricants and special fluids refueled in the aircraft;

· Refueling of ground vehicles and special vehicles of the enterprises of the Vnukovo airfield complex;

· Acquisition of ownership, sale of fuels and lubricants and special liquids, and the organization of their supply.
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