TZS Vnukovo
Remote refueling and fuel delivery to the aircraft base

JSC "TZS" is one of the leaders in aviation fuel supply for air transportation, offers services for refueling aircraft with the departure of the refueling tanker.

Our specialists can deliver fuel to the aircraft base and refuel high-quality aviation fuel by qualified personnel. Refueling is carried out with TS-1 aviation fuel, by prior order. JSC "TZS" is a supplier of fuel and services for the needs of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "SLO" Russia ", which serves as a guarantee of the quality of fuel and services.
The professionalism of the employees and the equipment of JSC "TZS" guarantee the safety and quality control of aviation fuels from reception to refueling in the wing and comply with industry and international standards in the field of aviation fuel supply.
The laboratory of JSC "TZS" is staffed with certified personnel, a double set of test equipment, which makes it possible to carry out analyzes of aviation fuels and lubricants and special liquids in the volume of input, warehouse and acceptance control.
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