Fuel filling service
The safety of air transportation is achieved through the quality policy of TZS JSC, which complies with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, regulations of the executive authorities, state and industry standards in the field of aviation fuel supply, industrial safety, labor and environmental protection.

The adopted system of training engineers and technicians and drivers of mobile refueling vehicles is aimed at constantly improving the level of professional training and acts as a guarantor of the quality of the services provided.

The training program is implemented by the annual technical training and advanced training at specialized courses in higher and secondary educational institutions of the Civil Aviation.

Monitoring the cleanliness of the aviation fuel supply system, constant monitoring of the filtration system, timely operational and laboratory control is a set of measures aimed at maintaining the quality of aviation fuels and lubricants and lubricants at all stages of production.

Modern laboratory equipment makes it possible to carry out analyzes of aviation fuels and lubricants and lubricants in the amount of the requirements established by the NTD, and excludes the possibility of involving a substandard product in the process of aviation fuel supply.

Compliance with the frequency and high quality of work on the maintenance of structures and equipment of the aviation fuel supply system, setting up and checking the operability of the systems of mobile refueling facilities allows you to reduce the occurrence of failure situations to a minimum.
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